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Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Surat

DigiRivera is the best social media marketing agency in surat that can ensure an observable presence at social media sites like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram,Pinterest,Twitter and many more.
We are as a digital marketing agency that helps businesses reach their customers by grabing the power of social media. Our team of experts prepares a social media marketing proposal to help to business generate the more leads. Apart from this we can also create a demand for business service/product through our social media campaigns by different groups.

Our Strategy for Social Media Marketing

Social Media is not just to upload images. Social media offers several opportunities for business.

Profile optimization

Now a days, it’s important to have a strong social media presence. This means creating a profile on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin & Twitter, But it’s not enough to simply create a profile.
We have to create eye-catchy business/ company details with including ranking keywords to online reputation management so one can get proper details of business.


In this part of social media we have to create an attractive post which includes any kind of offer, festivals, infographics, or current news related to your business.
And then consistently posting on multiple social media platforms with the most relevant hashtags and captions in accordance with business needs.

Organic engagement​

It is not enough to post on social media for grab customer’s attention towards your business, Deeply we can say that if we are giving one presentation infront of several number of people and then the way you are presenting such things that might be interested from audience side that would be any types of graphics, videos or reels.
So here we have to engage our audience through only an attractive content which is provided by us, For instance we can improve the followers and more reach for our social media accounts.

Paid Promotion​

paid content promotion means that you have to pay to the social media accounts for your brand awareness and lead generation via different campaigns of online advertising.
Usually, they are targeted adverts or advertorials for your audience. Paid promotion is a fantastic way to determine whether your content is effective and whether your marketing message is getting through to your audience.
Our customized social media plan helps business grow potentially. First we understanding and analyzing the whole business need then we have to do research on it after that we design the content editorial.
The client persona of business remains in the center of strategy building. While we design customized strategy, we focus on building the strong audience based on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram as per client business relevancy.

Mainly 3 types of paid promotion

Google Ads management process


From understanding your business, finding cost-effective keywords to detailed competitor analysis, we have to do the research work related to every segment for your business.

Audit & Structure

Based on the research, target audiences, location, device,main goals we’ll craft custom strategies that are mostly conversion-focused for ad relevancy.

Ads Optimization

From adjusting bids, updating keywords, optimizing mobile as well as desktop performance , to split testing ad copy and landing pages for your running campaigns.


We make sure you are always informed about the Google Ads campaigns and that every single INR you spend is tracked with timely reports and regular meetings through online platform.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Audience Targeting

We need to understand your target audience before we design an ad campaign for your business to target the right audience. Age, interests, geography, gender, and other pertinent factors will all be taken into consideration.

Ad Design

We’ll use a variety of methods to tell your brand’s narrative. Whether you want to use images, videos,reels or any type of slideshows, we’ll do everything we can to get your message over to your target audience.

Setting Standards

Only after reviewing the campaign’s performance and comparing it to the usual KPIs will we be able to determine how well your campaign is going and according to that we set the standards for get the better results.

Measuring Results

Once we’ve implemented the strategies, we will measure outcomes according to achieve our goals to the correct direction. This will make it easier for us to determine the success of the campaign. By that way we can manage all campaigns properly.


Keep in mind how much your customers appreciate your company. Our remarketing services will attract back clients who have abandoned your website and make sure they make purchases.

Get More Traffic

Show your ads to maximum targeted audience so that they can visit your website.

Quality Leads

For getting quality leads redirecting interested customers so that you’ll have a better chance of conversion for close the deal.

Boost Online Presence

Use a variety of venues to refer current and future clients to your products and services.
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